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Express Haircalf Clutch

1 Oct

First things first, I suppose I need to answer the question that has been on everyone’s mind (humor me) – where has Kristi Love been hiding herself? The short answer is that I was busy tending to life. The long answer is that I received more clarity on my life’s purpose, transitioned to a new role and got one step closer to my ultimate career goal. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s move on to more pressing matters…SHOPPING!

The Look

I am officially obsessed with the idea of a leopard print day clutch. I see it as an anchor point in my autumn weekend look. Join me in the vision – tweed blazer, shark bite tunic, denim trousers, gold flats and…a leopard print day clutch. There are plenty of options out there, but this Haircalf delight at Express has caught my eye. Unfortunately, at a whopping $118, it has also caught my wallet…as in the zipper is stuck and I refuse to release that much money in pursuit of this particular item.

for Less

Thankfully, my sister presented me with a viable option at a lower price point. ASOS’s Slot Through Portfolio Clutch gets the job done for significantly less. While not as luxurious or wide as the original look, at just $34, I’d have enough money left over to pursue some additional Fall essentials.

The Verdict

While a little pricey, the Express Haircalf clutch speaks to me. I’m fairly certain I can hold out for a mid-season sale to get the exact look at a more budget-friendly price.


Mulberry “Alexa” Satchel

10 Mar

The Look

Top handle satchels have been popular for several seasons and I’m definitely not immune to the trend.  In fact, I have been salivating over the Mulberry Alexa for quite some time.  I would love to add this bag to my accessories wardrobe but I’m on a budget and at $1,150, this jewel is a budget buster!

for Less

Thankfully, there are several low cost options available.  My favorite is this nautical inspired delight from Aldo.  The lightweight canvas material is perfect for Spring/Summer and unlike some lower-cost options, the hardware is substantial and very secure.  I’m kind of a nut for anything navy and white striped this time of year so this bag makes my heart go pitter patter.  And at just $50, it makes my wallet smile.


I ventured to my local Aldo store last Saturday to purchase the look for less and I wasn’t disappointed.  The bag is beautiful and a great addition to my Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Michael Kors “Item” Tote

10 Mar

The Look

I’ve been searching for a new work tote for quite some time.  I need a bag with a basic shape that is  interview appropriate and easy to carry.  The Michael Kors “Item” Tote fits the bill, but I’m not quite prepared to shell out $198.

for Less

Thankfully, Target has provided us with the look for significantly less!  The Merona “Kendra” Tote boasts the same design for literally a tenth of the price.  At just $19.99, I can afford to buy two!


I just got back from a research trip to my local Target store.  While the Merona version is clearly made of synthetic materials, it is a great alternative to the Michael Kors tote.

Mulberry for Target In Stores Today!

10 Oct

Like most of you, I have been eagerly awaiting the Target for Mulberry launch for the past several months.  I’ve had the launch date marked on my calendar since the GILT Groupe sale and I made a mental note to wake up early to check out the items in person on Monday, October 10.  Too bad October 10 is today and NOT Monday.  I’m not sure how I managed to get the days mixed up, but the mistake nearly caused me to miss out on all of the Mulberry for Target goodness.

Thankfully, I saw mention of the launch date online at around 8 a.m. this morning.  Unfortunately, by the time I visited the Target website, the bag I really wanted – the Medium Patent Satchel in Black – was out of stock.  After about 1.5 seconds of panic, I immediately looked up the numbers of all of the local Target stores and launched a fashion S.O.S.

Three stores and fifteen minutes later, a really nice team lead offered to hold one bag for me at the fitting room.  A record ten minutes later (it usually takes me an hour to get dressed on a good day), I was racing down the highway to claim my bag!  I was so relieved when I got to the store and saw the bag in person.  It’s smaller than I thought – more of a date night size for my personal taste – but it’s Mulberry for Target and I’m excited to have it.  I couldn’t resist buying a couple of additional bags for consideration.  The Large Denim Satchel in Blue is the perfect size for a laptop, and the Large Pebble Tote in Black could work as an everyday bag or a work tote.

Many of the styles are sold out online, but there are still some available at  It also appears that some of the bags, specifically the Large Velvet Satchel in Black, will be available on November 14. This is the size and style that I’m most excited about, so I’ll be sure to set my reminder for the right day this time!

Did you have a chance to get to Target today?  Did you buy one of the Mulberry for Target bags?  Do you love it?!?

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Brand Spotlight: Elliott Lucca

29 Sep

Last week, I wrote about the fantastic online deals available at  This week, I wanted to introduce you to The Sak’s sister company,Elliott Lucca.  The Sak’s little sister has the same great quality leather bags that The Sak offers along with an added layer of woven, Italian style.

I discovered Elliott Lucca years ago when the line first launched.  They had a super cute black  leather satchel with a woven handle that I HAD to buy as my mother’s Christmas gift.  I watched this bag for months and saw it featured on E! News as a hot buy and eventually in Lucky magazine as a Lucky Break.  For $150, I was able to give my mother her first bag with a dust cover (major step for all bag afficianodos) for Christmas!

Five years later, I am still a huge Elliott Lucca fan.  The designs are always stylish and functional.  The woven leather is luxurious beyond it’s price point.  And the color pallettes are always on trend and fabulous.  My favorite Elliott Lucca bag is a bucket tote that I purchased a couple of years ago.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I receive from strangers every time I wear it.

Elliott Lucca has several new Fall bags available for under $200, which is neccessary in this yet-to-fully recover economy.  Please find my favorites listed below.

Sintra Small Tote
Regular Price, $198; Special Web Price, $149

Teba Pleated Flap Tote
Regular Price, $268; Special Web Price, $198

Feria Satchel
Regular Price, $228; Special Web Price, $169

Brand Spotlight: The Sak

19 Sep

I just received an email about the Sak’s upcoming QVC debut and felt compelled to immediately spread the word.  Why?  Because The Sak offers high-quality leather bags for less than $100! Started by two childhood friends who sought to expand their import business, the brand seeks to create straightforward, casual designs at a great price point.  The company experienced a great deal of success in the 90s with their classic crochet design and has been consistently producing popular designs every since.  Miley Cyrus gave The Sak a big boost last year when she was pictured toting the Silverlake Convertible Satchel (currently available for $49.95) around town.  Since then, fashionable ladies everywhere have snatched up the style in several colors.

One of the things that I like most about The Sak is their pricing strategy.  Guided by a “brand karma” of “happy & free,” the company really wants to make sure their bags are accessible.  To that end, the bags are priced from $60 – $229 which is almost unbelievable compared to the high priced premiere designer “IT bags” that are prominent today.

The Sak bags can be purchased at department stores such as Nordstrom, Macy’s and Lord & Taylor. typically offers special web prices with as much as 50% off current season designs.  The Silverlake Convertible Clutch pictured below is available for just $49.95 online!  In today’s challenging economic climate, isn’t it nice to see a company that actively seeks to make fashion affordable?

Mulberry for Target – New Images!

10 Sep

I stumbled upon new images of the Mulberry for Target collection on Nitrolicious this afternoon.  Seeing what appears to be the full collection makes me even sorrier that I missed out on the pre-sale.  I absolutely must have the medium black patent satchel.  Thankfully, I have a month to plan my acquistion strategy for these highly sought after bags.  Mulberry for Target will be available in stores on October 10.