Express Haircalf Clutch

1 Oct

First things first, I suppose I need to answer the question that has been on everyone’s mind (humor me) – where has Kristi Love been hiding herself? The short answer is that I was busy tending to life. The long answer is that I received more clarity on my life’s purpose, transitioned to a new role and got one step closer to my ultimate career goal. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s move on to more pressing matters…SHOPPING!

The Look

I am officially obsessed with the idea of a leopard print day clutch. I see it as an anchor point in my autumn weekend look. Join me in the vision – tweed blazer, shark bite tunic, denim trousers, gold flats and…a leopard print day clutch. There are plenty of options out there, but this Haircalf delight at Express has caught my eye. Unfortunately, at a whopping $118, it has also caught my wallet…as in the zipper is stuck and I refuse to release that much money in pursuit of this particular item.

for Less

Thankfully, my sister presented me with a viable option at a lower price point. ASOS’s Slot Through Portfolio Clutch gets the job done for significantly less. While not as luxurious or wide as the original look, at just $34, I’d have enough money left over to pursue some additional Fall essentials.

The Verdict

While a little pricey, the Express Haircalf clutch speaks to me. I’m fairly certain I can hold out for a mid-season sale to get the exact look at a more budget-friendly price.


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