Mulberry for Target In Stores Today!

10 Oct

Like most of you, I have been eagerly awaiting the Target for Mulberry launch for the past several months.  I’ve had the launch date marked on my calendar since the GILT Groupe sale and I made a mental note to wake up early to check out the items in person on Monday, October 10.  Too bad October 10 is today and NOT Monday.  I’m not sure how I managed to get the days mixed up, but the mistake nearly caused me to miss out on all of the Mulberry for Target goodness.

Thankfully, I saw mention of the launch date online at around 8 a.m. this morning.  Unfortunately, by the time I visited the Target website, the bag I really wanted – the Medium Patent Satchel in Black – was out of stock.  After about 1.5 seconds of panic, I immediately looked up the numbers of all of the local Target stores and launched a fashion S.O.S.

Three stores and fifteen minutes later, a really nice team lead offered to hold one bag for me at the fitting room.  A record ten minutes later (it usually takes me an hour to get dressed on a good day), I was racing down the highway to claim my bag!  I was so relieved when I got to the store and saw the bag in person.  It’s smaller than I thought – more of a date night size for my personal taste – but it’s Mulberry for Target and I’m excited to have it.  I couldn’t resist buying a couple of additional bags for consideration.  The Large Denim Satchel in Blue is the perfect size for a laptop, and the Large Pebble Tote in Black could work as an everyday bag or a work tote.

Many of the styles are sold out online, but there are still some available at  It also appears that some of the bags, specifically the Large Velvet Satchel in Black, will be available on November 14. This is the size and style that I’m most excited about, so I’ll be sure to set my reminder for the right day this time!

Did you have a chance to get to Target today?  Did you buy one of the Mulberry for Target bags?  Do you love it?!?

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One Response to “Mulberry for Target In Stores Today!”

  1. Kar* December 6, 2010 at 2:43 PM #

    Where are the updates?

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