Brand Spotlight: Elliott Lucca

29 Sep

Last week, I wrote about the fantastic online deals available at  This week, I wanted to introduce you to The Sak’s sister company,Elliott Lucca.  The Sak’s little sister has the same great quality leather bags that The Sak offers along with an added layer of woven, Italian style.

I discovered Elliott Lucca years ago when the line first launched.  They had a super cute black  leather satchel with a woven handle that I HAD to buy as my mother’s Christmas gift.  I watched this bag for months and saw it featured on E! News as a hot buy and eventually in Lucky magazine as a Lucky Break.  For $150, I was able to give my mother her first bag with a dust cover (major step for all bag afficianodos) for Christmas!

Five years later, I am still a huge Elliott Lucca fan.  The designs are always stylish and functional.  The woven leather is luxurious beyond it’s price point.  And the color pallettes are always on trend and fabulous.  My favorite Elliott Lucca bag is a bucket tote that I purchased a couple of years ago.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I receive from strangers every time I wear it.

Elliott Lucca has several new Fall bags available for under $200, which is neccessary in this yet-to-fully recover economy.  Please find my favorites listed below.

Sintra Small Tote
Regular Price, $198; Special Web Price, $149

Teba Pleated Flap Tote
Regular Price, $268; Special Web Price, $198

Feria Satchel
Regular Price, $228; Special Web Price, $169


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