Why I love Nordstrom

16 Sep

I just went to pick up my new black and ivory scarf from Nordstrom and was reminded of why I love the store so much.  I’m sure that I had the look of a woman on a mission when I entered the scarf section.  Thankfully, there was a sales associate there to help me right away.  On top of her willingness to help me, she was knowledgeable about the inventory and immediately walked me over to the scarf that I was looking for.  After about 30 minutes of conducting a one-on-one how to wrap a scarf session, she even convinced me to buy a cute winter hat!   Love my new scarf.  Love excellent customer service.  Love the Nordstrom Way!

My recent shopping trip is typical of every shopping experience at Nordstrom.  I never have to search multiple departments to find a sales associate to help me.  The team members are always knowledgeable about the inventory.  And they always make me feel like a VIP.  In a time where customers have their pick of purchasing channels, it’s important for traditional retailers to differentiate themselves through added value.  For me, nothing is more valuable than an efficient, high-touch shopping experience.  For that reason, Nordstrom continues to be my retailer of choice.


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