Set Your DVR: The City Season 3 Premieres Tonight

27 Apr

Since I’ve already brought you news of the crazy town final season of The Hills, I thought I’d focus this post on The City.  According to Whitney Port’s latest Q&A with The Cut, this season will provide viewers with a closer look at the business of fashion and each of the main character’s career growth. But no worries, it will also be full of the drama of personal relationships that we’ve come to expect from this franchise.  In fact, Whitney has kicked off the season with her true thoughts on Olivia Palermo’s professionalism.

As revealed in the trailer, Olivia is not supporting your line — were you surprised? What is your relationship like with her?
I was not so surprised by that. Olivia and I have never really been the best of friends. You know, at the time, yes, I was a little bit hurt because it wouldn’t have really taken that much for her to interview me for, and as a “journalist” or whatever she is for the magazine, your opinion doesn’t really matter. Your job is to interview someone and then report it, but she made it personal. I think that there’s obviously some level of insecurity on her part, and she’s showing it. I don’t know that she knows that she’s showing it, but it definitely comes through. It was a little bit hurtful, but Olivia’s one of those people who doesn’t care about anybody but herself. That’s why it’s not so surprising because she doesn’t want to help anybody else out. She’s only out for herself. So, if I expected something different from her, then maybe I would have been more hurt, but it’s like the same old thing with her.

Read Whitney’s full Q&A with The Cut here.  Tune into MTV tonight at 10:30 p.m. for The City Season 3 premiere.

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