Ask Kristi Love: In Search of LC Tote

19 Aug

Today, I’d like to introduce a new segment entitled, Ask Kristi Love.  This feature will provide loyal readers with an opportunity to put Kristi Love’s search skills to the test.  In our inaugural edition, Judy would like assistance finding the Lauren Conrad for Linea Pelle LC tote.


I have bad news for you Judy – it’s all sold out…everywhere…for good.  But no worries, Kristi Love has found a similar jewel at a non-traditional fashion venue – Sam’s Club.  That’s right, Sam’s Club.  Just beyond the jugs of vegetable oil, mountains of pillows, and pallets of peanut butter, Sam’s Club offers a surprising mix of handbags like the Calvin Klein Chained Pebble Soft Satchel.  This bag sports the same features as the LC tote including a chain strap, front pocket and black leather, at less than 50% of the LC Tote price!  Pick up the Calvin Klein satchel at Sam’s Club for $155.



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