Saw the Tiffany & Co. keys in real life…

7 Jul

Today, I headed over to Tiffany & Co. to view the Key Collection in real life.  And I must say, the keys are more stunning than I imagined.  The 1.25″ keys are really, really, tiny, much smaller than they appear to be online.  According to my sales associate, they are meant for layering.  The larger keys appear to be huge online but in real life, they are the perfect size for everyday wear.  I tried my hardest to like some of the less expensive keys, but at the end of the day, the Quatrefoil is still my favorite.

My sales associate also managed to convince me that I needed the 30″ 18K gold, oval link chain.  Actually, he didn’t really have to convince me.  It just looks better and offers more versatility since you can adjust the length.

Have any of you watched a movie or television show when someone gets pulled into quicksand?  That’s how I feel about the Quatrefoil key – it’s sucking me into the Tiffany & Co. store, begging me to add it to my jewelry collection!  HELP ME!



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